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Seven Effective Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

A clean workspace is an efficient workplace, but in an office shared by many different people, it can be rather easy for the space to end up dirty and disorganized. With everyone concentrating on their work, they might feel they don't have time to clean their own spilled coffee or dust their work areas. Regrettably, a little neglected workplace cleaning can rapidly develop to decreased performance, indifferent workers, and turned-off customers. Office cleaning can easily be overlooked; however, it is a genuinely vital part of an effective organization. In some cases, it is difficult to even understand where to start in keeping an office clean and healthy while performing in-house. For this reason, we have created 7 ideas to help you keep your workplace clean, safe, and healthy.

1) Produce a Clean Office Culture

This is perhaps the most important. If you can help all employees comprehend the value of keeping a tidy work area and taking additional steps to be tidy in common, shared spaces, it will make all workplace clean ups so much easier. Make sure that all new employees understand that being neat is a huge part of their responsibility. It is important not to be harsh or disciplinary about cleaning, but rather to make it a fun, group task that everybody shares and takes pride in. Provide awards for the cleanest workstation, compliment colleagues if you see them cleaning up a common location and give lots of favorable reinforcement about tidy practices. If everyone delights in having a clean workplace, it won’t be a problem to keep everything looking great and performing well.

2) Make Cleaning Supplies Readily Available

It is best if every worker has their own basic cleaning supplies, such as a glass cleaner and disinfectant wipes at their desk. Having these items for staff may appear to be an added expense, but the extra cleanliness it will bring forth will be more than enough to justify the cost. In common locations it should be simple to locate brooms, dustpans, dish soap, paper towels, disinfectant wipes and glass cleaner. It is best if all of these products are in one, common area. If someone makes a mess and it is hard to find the proper materials to clean it up, it is more likely they will leave it for someone else with the excuse that they have more important things to do.

3) Get Rid of Trash Daily

Nothing is worse than a smelly trash can. The best way to avoid this is to remove all trash at the end of each workday. Do not allow it to sit overnight and become a big, smelly problem by morning. Each worker should have a waste basket at their desk, and they should be responsible for deciding when it needs to go to the primary trash bin. A good rule is that whenever something wet or consisting of food scraps goes in, the waste basket must go out. Let your staff members decide who will take the trash outside daily. Ensure that they understand that it is essential the trash goes outside daily.

4) Clean the Floors

Maintaining clean, debris-free floors is essential for assuring a healthy, safe office environment. Regular sweeping/vacuuming/mopping is a crucial component to maintaining clean floors. We also offer various coating options to help beautify all of your hard surfaces. Please ask us for details.

5) Look Up!

Ceiling vents, light fixtures, and other items can collect dust and cobwebs. It is relatively inexpensive to purchase an extension duster from your local home improvement store for this cleaning task. What is up now, will eventually come down, most likely at the most inopportune time and will likely cause much embarrassment.

6) Set Guidelines for Cleaning Individual Spaces

You’re the boss, so lead by example! Then simply show your staff how to make this happen, after they see how you already do it. Don’t expect much from them if your own workspace is a mess.

7) Hire a Competent Cleaning Service!

Your staff is hired to do their job, not to also clean the building. Most will either not do it right or will not do it at all. Most people also do not understand such things as when to empty the vacuum bag or how to properly use a disinfectant for maximum effect and overall health. This is what we do! Professional cleaning companies should be trustworthy, efficient and consistent. If yours isn’t, then you have the wrong company! Do your research, as with any company you hire. A quality cleaning company will adapt to meet your specific needs.

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