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Cleaning FAQs

We are ready to help you keep your workspace clean and healthy. Here are the key things you need to know about Riddley.

1) How Often Do I Need a Cleaning Service?

It depends on your needs, your staff size, traffic, and your budget. We have daily, weekly and monthly clients. We can work out a custom schedule based on your unique business. There are many factors to consider. Just call us for a free consultation and price quote.

2) Are You Insured?

Absolutely. We are fully bonded and insured, including third-party liability insurance that covers your business. All of our employees are also covered by worker’s compensation insurance, for everyone’s protection.

3) Are Your Cleaners Professional and Prepared?

Yes. Our team members are trained in the most effective cleaning techniques and procedures. They are also trained on professional workplace behavior and treating your facilities, employees and customers with respect. We pride ourselves on having the most professional team in the industry. We invite you to find out for yourself.

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Our professional cleaning team is ready to make your commercial space the cleanest and healthiest it's ever been. We’ll take care of your cleaning, so you can take care of your business.

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