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When Chris read the reviews online, he had to take action.

As the operations manager for a regional retail chain, he knew that presenting a clean environment is key to providing an exceptional customer experience. But he thought they could save some money by having the staff take care of the cleaning. When a horrible review on the condition of their bathrooms was posted on Google, Chris finally decided to hire Riddley. And he’s very glad that he did. The store staff was thrilled to have bathroom cleaning off their to-do list. They now feel better about coming to work and have more time to focus on product presentation and sales. That focus has resulted in a better overall shopping environment...and online reviews focused on their excellent service, rather than dirty bathrooms.

Stephanie called other cleaning companies for quotes

Stephanie called other cleaning companies for quotes due to declining quality from her current vendor, plus the fact that they just dragged a leaking trash bag across 70% of their carpeting! Our answer, besides offering to clean the carpet for no additional charge and asking “have you looked at our Google reviews” was to install a simple Brute barrel & dolly for trash transport to the outside dumpster. Neither the incumbent, or other potential cleaning partners thought of this simple, and rather routine remedy. Riddley won the contract and has been successfully servicing this client for the last three plus years.

A dental client had a problem

A dental client had a problem…they misplaced the keys to their toilet paper and paper towel dispensers. They were unable to find replacement keys and were growing frustrated, as they were so busy running their business that this became a huge headache for them. We went to our supplier, who then sourced the proper keys for us. We purchased several sets and brought a full set to our client, on us. That is how Riddley does customer service.

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